Aloft Wine


Marc Mondavi, Vintner

“I grew up on the Charles Krug property with the whole family around. Working alongside my dad (Peter Sr.), I learned the ropes of the vineyards and winemaking. When I reached a certain age I had this realization that I didn’t really know much about myself. And so, my wife Janice and I thought it was time to strike out on our own – to buy our own house, plant our own vineyards and make a standout wine with mountain fruit. With four girls, we wanted to be able to create a project that everyone could get involved in.

I looked around Napa Valley for a number of years, and checked out all the hot spots. A house came on the market, neighboring Abreu, and what is now Dana, and we immediately fell in love. Within hours I had it in my head where the vineyard would be. Another piece of property came up for sale a quarter mile down the road. It was all forest, with a few old ranch houses scattered around.  I walked the whole thing about five times with my buddy Jim (Barbour) and witched it for water with the divining rods. Sure enough, it was the spot.” – Marc Mondavi

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