Aloft Wine

There’s something special about this place, it’s just got a great feel. - Marc Mondavi

Alycia Mondavi shares some personal thoughts on the family project...

“Aloft is truly a personal family project for us. It’s given us the chance to be ourselves and to spend time working on a project together… my sister Angelina as our winemaker, my mother Janice as our CFO, my father Marc as our mentor, my sisters Giovanna and Riana as Brand Ambassadors, and myself working to pull it all together. Although we own lots of vineyards in Napa Valley, my Grandfather (Peter Sr.) has always farmed the valley floor, so my father was keen on finding out what we could do with mountain Cabernet.   

He loves our Cold Springs Vineyard. Now that my three sisters and I are grown, he treats his vines like his babies. Just about every morning he rides out on his Gator ATV (often in his robe, and always with a cup of coffee) to make his rounds. If a single vine is struggling, he will spend time to nurture it and provide it what it needs to survive and thrive.

It’s not just my father, though.  We are all in love with this spot. When we get together for family dinners, we almost always head out after the meal for a family walk – usually with a glass in hand.

It’s no coincidence that Thomas Rivers Brown, who also loves Howell Mountain, was our winemaker to launch this brand, or that my father's best friend is our vineyard manager. Now that the eldest of the sisters, Angelina, has taken the reins from Thomas Brown, it has been great keeping everything in the family and close to home.” – Alycia Mondavi

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